Privacy policy

General Odontology and Pediatric


This notification describes how your health information can be used and shared.
Also it describes how you can get access to this information. Please review it
carefully. Your privacy is very important for us.

In our dental clinic we are committed to protect your privacy and confidentiality right. The law (HIPAA law) prohibits the release of information about yourself, your health, your treatment plan, etc., to any person without your authorization. We only use this information for the purpose of providing the dental treatment that you need.

We only share your information for treatment purposes, payments, health care procedures or particular cases required by law. Treatment refers to the health care serviced provided, payment refers to the procedures we have to do to bill accomplished services. Health care procedures means insurance activities administration like: professional program training, credentials activities and health care professional licenses.

You may authorize us to share your information for other uses not mention above through an authorization letter. For example, to receive health care advertisement, life insurance, etc.

We don’t required patient authorization for the release of information to disease control and prevention public health agencies, court orders, abuse suspicion, negligence or other crime, dead body identification, fugitive and other situations required by law.

We can share health information with your an friends and family, to help you in your treatments, if you authorize it. They could be authorized to pick up your prescriptions, x-rays, referrals, and any other information, according our judgment. Guardian’s or legal tutor’s can have access to your information if you authorize it, but in an emergency, if you aren’t in disposition to authorize, is our responsibility the information be divulged for your benefit.

We can use and release information for treatment reminders such as: letters, cell phone messages, e-mails or cards.

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